May 21 Food


Video for unit on food.

ELF food video.

Let’s make a salad.

Do you like ice-cream?


October 11 and 18


Module 1 Lesson 1

Ezt gyakoroltuk:

Who is it? This is Woody.

Where is Frosty?

Hello, Alvin. Hello, everybody.

Goodbye. Goodnight. Good morning.

ÚJ SZAVAK: vest (mellény), scarf (sál), mittens (egyujjas kesztyű)

Megdícsérem Laurát, mert nagyon kezdeményező volt, Zitát, mert sokkal koncentráltabb, Dorcsit, mert ő is bátor volt, és Szofit, mert nem hisztizett a matricák miatt. 🙂 Jó látni, amikor beérik valami és egy kicsit megint előrébb lépnek a lányok!



October 2


1. Let’s find the vegetables. (tomato, leek, onion, mushroom, lettuce)

What is it? It’s a …

What have you got? I have a … I have some… Put the tomato in the basket.

Pick a vegetable. Wash it. Slice it. Put it in the bowl. Mix it. Put some mayonnaise on it. Let’s eat it.



2. OLD SONG: Baby finger, baby finger, where are you? Act it out with the puppets.


3. Animal puzzle (cow, sheep, dog, turtle, horse, goat, chicken, hen, pig, fish)

What is it? It’s a …

What have you got? I have a …

4. Learn new songs.

Clap, clap, clap your hands as quickly…

Two little blackbirds…


OLD song.


September 25



The easter bunny, I’m stretching very tall, Head, shoulders, knees, This is my right hand.

GAME: What’s in the bag? This is a …(carrot -répa, leek-póré, tomato-paradicsom, lettuce-saláta)

TPR: let’s make a salad (cut-vág, knife-kés, wash-mos)

CARD GAME: can you see something green? Can you see an apple? (cards put up around the room)

story: EMMA’S PET (fish, turtle, frog, cat, dog, daddy, mommy, mouse)

Lesson 27 — June 26


What’s the weather like today?

What are you wearing today? Who is wearing a pink t-shirt? Who is wearing a dog on her sweater?

Mime the animal game. (spider, turtle, rabbit, lion, tiger, elephant, snake, dog, cat, fish)

Jungle animal worksheets 2 and 3.


Jungle story.

Jungle animal song.


Hide and seek with a crocodile (hot and cold).



  • practice body movements in a chain play (stand in circles, pass on the activity)
  • musical monster faces (when the face song stops, they return to a drawing to work on it)
  • WORKBOOK: circle the similar face (monster with BIG eyes, child with LONG hair, etc)

REVISION: animals from fairy ride tale (toad, snail, lizard, beetle, fairy)

REVISION: saying the monster story

Lesson 17 — March 13


Checking homework. Colouring the animals. What colour is your snake?

Revising body vocabulary songs.

Pumpkin song

Body Parts Chant

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Now tall, now small

Left hand, right hand


  • Touch your ears.
  • Touch your nose.
  • Comb your hair.
  • Wash your face.
  • Open your mouth.
  • Close your eyes.

Workbook: Cut up cards, listen to face song, arrange cards in the right order.

Lesson 16 — 8 March



Fairies going for a ride (snail, lizard, beetle, toad and hedgehog) — story



I’m stretching very tall and now I’m very small.

Now tall, now small, now I’m a tiny ball.


This is my right hand, I’ll raise it up high.

This is my left hand, I’ll touch the sky.

Right hand, left hand, roll them around.

Left hand, right hand, pound, pound, pound.

new expressions: Circle the frog with blue… colour the hedgehog yellow and orange.


Lesson 15 February 27



Toys and noisy toys  (gallery, flashcard  guessing game, songs, workbook)

Colour the robot yellow and blue, etc. What colour is your phone? etc.

EXPRESSIONS: I’m done. Can I have the yellow please?


Fairies going for a ride (snail, lizard, beetle, toad and hedgehog) — story


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Lesson 14 — February 6



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


CARNIVAL SONG (London Bridge is falling down)

Now it’s time for Carnival, Carnival, Carnival,

Now it’s time for Carnival, We’re so happy.

Let’s all make a funny mask…

Time to join the Carnival, …



funny, happy, sad, carnival, mask

WORKBOOK: find the differences in the carnival picture

CARNIVAL CRAFT: make your funny mask.


Lesson 13 — January 30



Watch slideshow from unit 12.

Children pull cards from Lulu’s pouch and name them.

Ask for the cards back: Can I have the robot, please? Here you are. Thank you.


Make children guess the toys you mime. They follow you. Then they act out something we guess.

  • jump up and down
  • move your arms by your side like wheels and say Choo choo
  • turn a steering wheel Brr… Brrr
  • pretend to ride a scooter with one leg
  • pretend to cuddle a teddy
  • walk rigidly with your arms moving with your fingers

Workbook: Listening for active vocabulary. Cookie’s story with the noisy toys.

Lesson 7 October 24


STARTER: Let’s wake up Cookie. HELLO Cookie!


  • Children pull out an owl from Lulu’s pouch.
  • When I say the name, they should raise their owl. (daddy, baby, etc)

SONG: Let’s all look for Densel…. (with Densel puppet behind me).

REVISION of furniture vocab: sofa, bed, table, lamp, wardrobe, toybox

                   and of body parts: neck, eyes, mouth, knees, shoulders, tummy, back, feet, toes, ears

  • Use cards, put owls under the furniture cards.
  • Let’s all look for daddy, … Is he under the …(sofa, ears, etc)?

REVISION: Acting out the owl song.


  • Children cut up cards. Then arrange them in the order I say the names. (Sofa, baby, cat)
  • After we have done a few rounds, they glue the cards in their notebooks in the order I tell them.


Pocoyo’s bedroom game

Pocoyo’s worksheet



Lesson 6


1. Hello song

2. Lulu, what have you got in your pouch?

  • Hello daddy, mommy, brother, sister, baby.
  • Stand up everyone, tralalala, In a circle everyone, tralalala.
  • Children pass family puppets and say hello to them.
  • ON BOARD: baby owl.
  • SONG: The Family Song   (Track 4 on CD  plus B)   One little owl, sitting in a tree, here comes brother, how many can you see? 1, 2 (daddy, sister, mummy)


  • Everyone, listen to me, you need a pencil, 1, 2, 3.
  • Everyone, listen to me, count and write the numbers, 1 ,2, 3.

4. Make owl puppets.

5. Act out the family song.

6. Family goes back in Lulu’s pouch. Bye-bye, daddy, etc.






sofa, bed, wardrobe, lamp, toybox

Lesson 3




SONG 1 (track 1 on CD plus B)

Hello, everyone, tralalala,

Clap your hands

Stand up

Turn around

Stomp your feet

Sit down
SONG 2 –  Head, shoulders, knees and toes

red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, white, pink, purple, brown

SONG 3 Color train


SONG 5 Colored cups

SONG 6 What colors do you like?

ACTIVITY: build a tower from Lego bricks

CRAFT: colour the balloons in your notebook

ACTIVITY: colour the boy an the girl in your notebook