Lesson 7 October 24


STARTER: Let’s wake up Cookie. HELLO Cookie!


  • Children pull out an owl from Lulu’s pouch.
  • When I say the name, they should raise their owl. (daddy, baby, etc)

SONG: Let’s all look for Densel…. (with Densel puppet behind me).

REVISION of furniture vocab: sofa, bed, table, lamp, wardrobe, toybox

                   and of body parts: neck, eyes, mouth, knees, shoulders, tummy, back, feet, toes, ears

  • Use cards, put owls under the furniture cards.
  • Let’s all look for daddy, … Is he under the …(sofa, ears, etc)?

REVISION: Acting out the owl song.


  • Children cut up cards. Then arrange them in the order I say the names. (Sofa, baby, cat)
  • After we have done a few rounds, they glue the cards in their notebooks in the order I tell them.


Pocoyo’s bedroom game

Pocoyo’s worksheet



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