October 2


1. Let’s find the vegetables. (tomato, leek, onion, mushroom, lettuce)

What is it? It’s a …

What have you got? I have a … I have some… Put the tomato in the basket.

Pick a vegetable. Wash it. Slice it. Put it in the bowl. Mix it. Put some mayonnaise on it. Let’s eat it.



2. OLD SONG: Baby finger, baby finger, where are you? Act it out with the puppets.


3. Animal puzzle (cow, sheep, dog, turtle, horse, goat, chicken, hen, pig, fish)

What is it? It’s a …

What have you got? I have a …

4. Learn new songs.

Clap, clap, clap your hands as quickly…

Two little blackbirds…


OLD song.


September 25



The easter bunny, I’m stretching very tall, Head, shoulders, knees, This is my right hand.

GAME: What’s in the bag? This is a …(carrot -répa, leek-póré, tomato-paradicsom, lettuce-saláta)

TPR: let’s make a salad (cut-vág, knife-kés, wash-mos)

CARD GAME: can you see something green? Can you see an apple? (cards put up around the room)

story: EMMA’S PET (fish, turtle, frog, cat, dog, daddy, mommy, mouse)

Harmincvalahanyadik óra COOKIE ISMÉTLÉS



1. Mi van a zsákban?

What’s in the bag? It’s a …

What colour is it? How many …do you have?

NEW WORDS: lettuce, carrot, mushroom, leek, tomato, spoon

tent, tractor, train station, scarecrow


OLD WORDS: basket, dog, ball, teddy, dolly, car, lion, crocodile,  + colours

2. Játék: FARM CARDS

What is it? Can you see a …? Where is a …? Pick a card…


3. JÁTÉK. Fruits memo game

peach, kiwi, pear, apple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, tomato, banana,

4. JÁTÉK. Go around the room and find a … (cards are put up around the room).




Lesson 27 — June 26


What’s the weather like today?

What are you wearing today? Who is wearing a pink t-shirt? Who is wearing a dog on her sweater?

Mime the animal game. (spider, turtle, rabbit, lion, tiger, elephant, snake, dog, cat, fish)

Jungle animal worksheets 2 and 3.


Jungle story.

Jungle animal song.


Hide and seek with a crocodile (hot and cold).